November 30, 2023

Neves Stierle & Horn

Is it the best move to sell your home without a real estate agent?

Home owners often question themselves if they should try and sell their home privately and not use the services of an estate agent. Saving the commission fee sounds very attractive but do you actually save money?

Consider the facts:

Pricing – Owners should be able to determine the realistic price of their home. Do they actually know the market? – Estate agents not only know the local market but also understand the market trends and the relation between supply and demand. They are also aware of new developments in the areas and can more precisely predict market trends.

Marketing – Agents implement a strategic marketing plan for the property. All properties are different and an agent seeks to bring out the highlights of the property in order to obtain the best possible price for the property. This also means aiming at the right target group.

Client screening – Owners do not have the time to screen and follow up with potential clients. Agents proof clients´ financial capacity and provide the owners with certainty before accepting any offer. Owners should not waste time with unqualified buyers

Problem solving – Complications can arise during the process of selling a home, agents bring in their experience and provide solutions that owners would not think of. The owners need piece of mind and assurance during the entire process.

Negotiation – Can owners leave their emotional attachment aside whilst negotiating the sale of their house, can they bare criticism? In the sales process of the house, agents bring in the mastered skills of negotiation obtained throughout the years of working in the field. They also do not bring the emotion attached to ownership.

Professional consultation – An estate agent has a huge network ranging from architects, lawyers, property maintenance specialists, etc. He can save owners a considerable amount of time by providing advice on home improvements, legal issues and seek the best options for the owners.

Trying to sell your property without the experience required and tools is not saving money or time and any wrong direction can ultimately result in loss.

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